: Newly bitten by the Caddy bug

02-25-05, 06:41 PM
This appears to be a terrific forum (and web site as well). I'm a guy in my early 40s, located in the middle of the midwest (my nearest Cadillac dealer is Husker Auto Group in Lincoln, NE).

I've quickly become infatuated with late-model Cadillacs, specifically the Seville STS model and variant, ideally jet black in color - a sedan with spirit, a proud horse that likes to stretch its legs, and seems equally at home anywhere, be it a formal occasion or a tailgate party. I'm a closet gearhead from my younger days, and the NorthStar engine draws me in like a beautiful temptress, one you'd always be proud to have on your arm.

I'm sorely tempted to start shopping for a Certified Pre-owned 2002 Seville STS, and I'll probably give in to that temptation sometime this summer (2005). The price range of a CPO car (after letting someone else drive the new car off the lot and take that massive depreciation hit for 2 or 3 years), and what you get for that short stack of cash, is probably too much to pass up. I do need to poke around this site, in order to discover how to tell if an STS has Magneride or if it has the older CVRSS, assuming that the former is preferable (feel free to straighten me out if I am in error on that matter).

My impression is that there are 2 major complaints voiced by most of the dissatisfied owners of late-model Cadillacs: Oil consumption and tire/suspension vibration a highway speeds. The oil thing worries me not, since I'd be putting my foot to the floor now and then; like a fine thoroughbred, I'm sure she'll need to gallop now and then, not just trot or canter. The tire vibration thing seems to be due to the sophisticated suspension being very sensitive to manufacturing inconsistencies in tires, and I'd for sure run any Caddy I plan to buy up to around 80mph (to see if it has the vibe problem) before considering it any further. I have a copy of the TSB regarding the vibe thing, and will bring it with me when I go shopping later this year. I'm certainly not above spending adequate cash for very good tires.

I look forward to learning a lot from the regulars.

02-25-05, 10:28 PM
Welcome to the forums.