: Well this sucks...

02-25-05, 04:58 PM
earlier this morning my brother was leaving to go to work. well his car wouldnt start so i open my trunk and get out the cables to boost him off. i pop my hood and all that good stuff when i noticed that my air intake was popped off from, well i dont know the name of it that round thing where the air filter is located. so that peice that comes out from it that it hooks to the air intake is popped off. so i try putting it back on and the clips just keep sliding off. so i duct tape it on (i live in the south i can do that) and take it up to the Cadillac dealership. i tell the guy the part and he looks on the computer and has me point it out to him. so i point it out and he types something in the computer and looks up at me and says "uh man, that part is discontinued." i wasnt to happy. we discussed some options and i figure i will try to find one in a junk yard. i asked him if i could put a Northstar that is in an XLR or a STS in it. he said maybe but he didnt know what kind of problems i would run into cause they cant do it. he said id have to get a new transmission and a new engine harness. so i get a price on the engine and transmission, $11,000.00! so screw that idea. i guess ill look for one in a junk yard. thanks for listening to me b!tch and wine. if anyone has any other ideas pitch them.

02-26-05, 05:34 PM
Get yourself a K & N FIPK. It'll set you back more than $100 and less than $200. It'll include everything from the hockey puck hole out to the air filter. You can replace it yourself.

02-26-05, 08:43 PM
its actually into the air filter but i know what you mean. i have a K&N filter inside but it is the stupid air intake that is broke and right now i dont have the time nor money. i have to get the paint job finished (which has already been started) the wheels and hydraulics. it is fine right now though. everything is ok for the time being. i will however take your advise thanks, by the way, and do that once everything is finished. thanks for answering.

02-27-05, 09:39 PM
it is the stupid air intake that is broke and right now i dont have the time nor money.

Is this piece plastic or metal? What's it shaped like?

02-27-05, 09:40 PM
My bad, you got a '93. :(

02-28-05, 06:47 PM

Not 2 Many Parts 4 The 93 Fleetwood??

Im Rollin 94 Style Tho


03-03-05, 05:47 PM
it is a plastic air intake (stock btw).

id love to get a 94-96 but there arent any around here, it took me 2 years to find this one so i got it as soon as it came open. when i first saw it it was in the back lot of the dealership and i asked them about it. they said it wasnt for sale yet but if i gave them a price they would give it to the owner (who just happened to own that dealership). i offered 2k they said 3k i said bring out the papers. there was another 93 that went up for sale a week later by a private seller. had less miles and looked to be in better shape but they wanted 5k for it. if i do see a 94-96 i might get it if the price is fair. it is ok though, the duct tape is holding just fine and i am gonna get a new motor anyway (after the hydraulics and everything;) ).