: Front License Plate Bracket Options

07-13-13, 08:54 AM
I recently purchased a 2009 Escalade from a state that didn't require a front license plate. My state does require it however. Can someone tell me my options.? Thanks

07-13-13, 12:22 PM
I would go with the factory OEM front license plate bracket. There are different front license plate brackets depending on whether you have a Luxury Edition or the Premium /Platinum Editions. The Luxury bracket is different from the Premium/Platinum brackets because of the front bumper.

You could look on Ebay to see if there is one for your edition already painted the same color as your vehicle. Or, you could order from your a dealer and have it painted to match your Escalade. I have seen black brackets on white diamond painted Escalades, and it just doesn't look right.

Maybe a forum member has one they are not using? Most importantly, make sure the color of your bracket matches your vehicle.

Good Luck!


Here is the bracket that will fit a Luxury Edition Escalade on Ebay, you would have to get it painted:



07-14-13, 05:44 PM
Okay. Thanks for the reply. How do I officially determine whether it is a luxury or premium/platinum?

07-14-13, 06:33 PM
Go on cars.com and do a search for Escalade Platinum. If it has that grill, you need the the platinum/premium bracket. Otherwise you use the luxury bracket

07-14-13, 10:28 PM
The Platinum version has DVD players built into the front driver and passenger headrests. Has power retractible running boards, the Cadillac emblem embroidered into seats, multispoke chrome wheels, real wood on the dash with "Platinum" written on the dash and the rear lift gate.

The Premium version has the same front end of the Platinum version. The Premium interior is the same as the Luxury edition, and the Premium will have the power running boards. If you Escalade has the fixed running boards (meaning they do not fold in and out when you open the doors) you likely have the Luxury edition.

07-15-13, 06:39 AM
You an try stopping in at a "nice Caddy dealer" and they may even give you a front plate holder if they have any, we have a few NJ customers that were able to get front plates from PA dealerships. :)