View Full Version : burning smell, smoke, seems to be coming from climate control?

02-25-05, 11:18 AM
i changed the oil in the brougham on wednesday and on thursday morning i got in the car to drive to school. i turned my defroster on because my windows were all fogged up and after i had driven about a mile started smelling something burning. i pulled into a nearby parking lot to check the oil, because i was fearing the worst. i thought that maybe the oil level was too low but everything there checked out ok. so i shut off my defroster first because the fan was not blowing, and second because the smell seemed to be coming in through the vents. drove to school with all the windows open in 23 degree weather because it smelled so horrible.

on the way home from school the smell came back and when i pulled into my driveway and parked i noticed that there was smoke coming from near the passengers side wiper. i looked closer and there is some kind of screen which looks like it protects part of the climate control from debris. this is where the smoke is coming out of and the blower fan does not work.

did my blower motor burn up, and if it did, is this something that would be worth pulling out of the junkyard or should i stay away from electrical stuff from the yard.


02-25-05, 02:30 PM
You might be alright, the blower is not exposed like an alternator. Unfortunately wqith the digital dash, you don't know the miles.....