: wiring diagram for the fog light

02-25-05, 09:05 AM
Jeff, do you have any links to a wiring diagram for fog lights? I can't figure it out how to make the foglight work using the switch. I already got new switch and can't figure out the correct wiring. Any idea how I can do it? Do I need to run a new wiring to the switch? Right now, just to make the foglight work, I tapped it into the headlight wiring so they light up at the same time. The only problem is only on part of the foglight is lighted, the outside bulb is not working. Thanks for any input.

02-27-05, 01:16 PM
I dont have anything right now- my source is "down" for things like diagrams. :bighead:

Can anyone else help?

03-15-05, 07:23 PM
I was able to get a diagram courtesy of other owners, now my only problem is, which one is the relay for the foglight? Jeff, I know that you might have an idea about this one, so please without further ado.....thanks

03-16-05, 08:54 PM
I got fed up with trying to figure out which is the relay for the foglights, so i decided to tap the foglight to the lowbeam headlight. Now, they both light up when i switch the headlight on and got my self a pair of Sylvania Silverstar foglight bulb and they look nice.....really nice.

03-18-05, 01:13 PM
So, now I am able to use my foglight and even the one that illuminates when you signal to the left and the right are working fine. But I noticed that one time while driving during traffic, the voltage meter dropped to about one line before the red warning zone. It goes up again to about 11 volts when I am driving, but when i begin to halt in traffic, it slowly drops again. It never dipped to the red warning zone thought. Is this bad? Does this mean that the alternator is not charging the battery well? And up to now, I am still puzzled as to why the foglight relay is not even mentioned in the User's Manual. I did some research and I found out that the relay is a K134 relay and I even found a replacement part from ACDelco. The problem is if I can't pinpoint which one is the relay, how in the world I am going to replace it. I believe that the voltage meter should always be about 11-12 volts, so does that mean that when it dips below that the alternator is faulty? I read somewhere that dips in voltage is sometimes caused by bad grounding. Well, with the complicated electrical wiring of the Catera, I don't want to even think about getting into that. But you know, once you get that hang of it, solving problems of this car of ours is worthwhile, as long as you have the time like i do, and of course, a ton of patience. Steve, Jeff.....if ever you come across any info as to the where abouts of the foglight relay please let me know. One more thing, someone sent me a wiring diagram of the foglight and it seems that the foglight relay is a multifunction relay that also connects to the RH highbeam relay, which makes sense since the foglight is suppose to switch off when the high beam is on. Thanks again for any info.