: 1998 Catera

Dale Walton
02-24-05, 08:48 PM
Hi, I'm new to the forum. My dad worked for a Cadillac dealer for 40 years. Therefore, I've been around Cadillacs for many years and owned a few myself.
I currently have a 98 Catera that I bought used at 33,000 miles. It now has 64,000. I have consistently kept up with my preventive maintainence. Yes, I have had a few major repairs such as that often talked about coolant leak.

My question is given what I perceive to be quite costly replacement parts and labor that lies ahead, should I hang on to this puppy given my preventive maintainence or look to trade now? Thanks.


02-24-05, 08:51 PM

64k isnt bad for a Catera...

Whats been worked on so far?

Dale Walton
02-24-05, 08:57 PM
Hi, not a whole lot...replaced drive belt but not timing belt....battery of course....gasket replaced to fix the coolant leak, valve gaskets....I've always done transmission flushes and have already done a Dexcool flush although they say not required until 100k, front breaks replaced, always done oil flushes....am I about to pay out a bundle in parts going bad??

02-24-05, 09:10 PM
Sounds like you've been good so far. I or anyone else cant say if something will go bad... anyones guess. And with the regular maintenance you've been doing, reliabillity shouldnt be much of an issue.

Unless you're nervious about it or just dont like your car anymore, I cant stop you from getting a different vehicle. :)

Dale Walton
02-24-05, 09:54 PM
Thanks...no, I like the car and its size....I am planning to keep I think unless someone knows from experience from owing that year Catera that even with good preventive maintenance that I am heading for a lot of repair work and expensive replacement parts which do seem to be expensive but maybe Catera replacement parts are no more expensive than new Cateras or CTS's. Thanks again.