View Full Version : Where is the two seater Cadillac LeMans that disappeared in Oklahoma 60 years ago?

07-12-13, 01:44 PM
I recently came across a website blog where the writer was saying that one of the four Cadillac LeMans prototypes (some of them built for the Motorama shows) was on display first at a 1953 Oklahoma City show about oil, where three "Motorama" show cars were featured and then went to a dealer in November '53 for display on the showroom floor and then was sent to Tulsa. It was painted black though it might have been another color during its Motorama days.
This is the second of four made, not the car sold to shoe magnate Harry Karl in Hollywood or the one sold to a Mr. Akers, Cadillac distributor in Washington D.C.
The story that got me going on this bunny trail this was this one:


I have a few misc. questions that author didn't ask, such as: wasn't a stolen car report ever made out? Was insurance money paid out to GM?
Could it be hiding under a nondescript car body? Did Harley give it to a tall blonde (He liked the ladies,I understand). If one of you Oklahomans has the car, we'll go easy on you if you come forward, maybe you just have to reimburse the insurance company to own it and plead you flat fell in love with it as your motivation. Any clues appreciated. My own e-mail for a private inquiry is photojournalistpro@gmail.com

07-16-13, 12:06 PM
You intent to steal it again? :D