: Uls

02-24-05, 02:09 PM
I don't know whether or not execs really actually read these posts, but if they do, swell! I just read a short article on the possibility of the ULS being built! Caddy execs, I can tell you right now, build this car, and really give it a soul! So many of us miss the Fleetwood Brougham; a RWD V12 platform would be wonderful! Something to compete with the BMW 750il perhaps? I got real excited when I read the short article, please don't disappoint! :p:p:p One small suggestion, maybe might think about another name than "ULS," I understand it's just keeping with the current trend in names, but I'd much rather tell people I drive a Brougham than a ULS....


04-03-05, 09:30 PM
TO Mr. Lutz:

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE build the ULS, make it V-8 and V-12. Make it compete with the S Class, 7 Series, A8, Phaeton, XJ series, i think Cadilac is perfectly capable of selling a car for around $67,000 to begin and go all the way up to $110,000 i mean the XLR is selling quite well and thats around $77,000, so it can be done. Oh and please name this new car the V-12 Fleetwood or V8 Fleetwood or V12 Brougham, etc, etc, the name ULS is a little vague, a car of this status should invoke feelings of grandeur and class and thats exactly what the name brougham implies, theres a reason it was called "THE CADILLAC OF CADILLACS" for so long, and thats what this new "ULS" is.

So Mr. Lutz: PLEASE BUILD THE ULS, regardless of the name, it needs to be done!!