View Full Version : Remove light scratches with a Rubbing Compound or a milder polish?

07-11-13, 07:23 PM
Which should one use when paint is in great shape and one wants to simply remove some very light scratches? I already used touch up paint on the deeper chips and scratches where the paint was actually gone.

Should I just spot rub them out or do I need to do the whole car? Do I need to wax afterwards?

07-11-13, 08:40 PM
Rubbing compound it too coarse and will leave surface scratches. Use a white polishing compound or if all you have is surface swirls marks Maguiars has some very good products. Waxing afterwards would be a plus. I usually wax mine with a polisher from Harbor Freight similar to the one below, but with a wool bonnet and that keeps most of the swirls to a minimum, but then my car is white and they don't show anyway.


07-12-13, 05:05 AM
You can always move up to a coarser compound; I recommend using the least abrasive compound first (to see if this does the job). It is worth doing it over if the finest product doesn't work (as opposed to taking too much surface off initially).

07-12-13, 10:12 AM
Look through the Autogeek site and maybe spend the money for their detail/polish CD. The company sells a staggering array of detail and paint maintenance products. Use the second site for necessary paints and clearcoat - you'll need both.

If you have never claybarred, swirl polished, and sealed/waxed the car, the 20 hours of labor will astound you with the results.

www.autogeek.net (http://www.autogeek.net)

www.paintscratch.com (http://www.paintscratch.com)