: rattling noise from front suspension?

07-11-13, 05:59 PM
Sup guys, I was driving car earlier today when I couldn't help but hear a rattle noise from the front left side on my car every time I run over a small pothole or bump in the road. Could it possibly be that my front strut has gone bad?

07-11-13, 06:59 PM
You probably drove over a curb, tore up the plastic undertray, and now it's hanging loose.

07-11-13, 07:28 PM
I would at least inspect the lower control arm bushings while you check out the splash shield, they're known to fail.

07-11-13, 10:31 PM
Hmm okay. I'll jack the car up to have a look at everything this weekend. thanks for your input guys.

07-12-13, 01:35 AM
There is also a bulletin that applies to the 2005-07 STS regarding the spring cushion position. Your complaint fits the description, but there are specific criteria used to determine if the bulletin applies. I'm not sure if these are posted on AllData or not. The bulletin is #PIC5144 should you have access somewhere to view this.

07-12-13, 09:33 PM
The car's age supports Curt's diagnosis.

07-17-13, 04:44 PM
Just had mine replaced its the inner tie rod cost me a total of $150 to replace.

07-17-13, 04:50 PM
LCAs my vote

09-19-13, 01:12 AM
me too. I get it at certain speeds... seems to go away between 70-120km/h