: 1992 brougham 5.7L vacuum lines under dash

07-11-13, 04:24 PM
I own a 1992 brougham RWD With a 5.7 L V8.

I recently removed a DIY alarm system which was previously installed that was really DIY and never worked during my ownership. In the process, I unplugged some vacuum lines under the dash on the driver side. I do know what they control. The E-brake release, the A/C blower vents but I dont know how or where to hook them back up. They are color cordinated but I dont have the slightest idea where to start. HELP PLEASE.

07-11-13, 07:00 PM
A small pack of black lines with different color tracers?

07-21-13, 10:01 PM
I would assume so. One line coming in through the fire wall is black. There is a yellow one that goes to the heater box to change from vent to defrost to floor. The other green one goes to the E brake to release it when you shift from park to drive. The problem i'm having is how do i hook them up. I have this little rubber thing that has 4 holes that each line coud go to but i only have 3 lines. and if i put conmtinuous vaccum to the e brake it wont lock and continuouse vaccum to the heater box gives me defrost all the time.