View Full Version : What do you collect besides cars?

07-11-13, 02:28 PM
It seems we have many collectors among us .... anyone car to share their collections?

I think the first collection I ever had was rocks. At first I just picked them up during Summer vacations to the High Sierras when I was just four years old. The I started to mount them and catalogue them and try and find new specimens. Soon after starting to collect rocks, I began to collect Dinky Toys. I have collected 1/43 scale cars for most of my life. When the larger 1/18 scale die cast models started to become available in the early seventies I started to collect them also. I am shocked to admit I now have over 150 1/18th scale die cast model cars. That is forty years of collecting will accumulate.

I have also collected quality fountain pens and high quality mechanical cameras.

What have you collected?

07-11-13, 02:38 PM
Not only has this been posted before, but it was started by YOU.