: oh...and dual exhaust

02-24-05, 01:26 AM
yea...dual exhaust on 79 coupe deville. dont know where to start! any help would be appreciated!

02-24-05, 08:19 PM
Get under the car and see if you can fit it through the crossmember on the side it's not currently running through. If not you can run a bigger single pipe through that side then a Y pipe or notch the crossmember. The rest is fairly straightforward, measure, buy pipe and mandrel bends, weld, hang...

02-24-05, 09:03 PM
Try find a local muffler shop. You won't be able to run dual exhaust unless they notch the cross member or run both pipes on thr right side then bcak over after the cross member. I notched mine and never had a problem.