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07-11-13, 07:30 AM
Hey everyone, I am new here but glad to join because there seems to be A LOT of valuable info on these forums. I am an owner of a 2000 Catera about 100,000 miles, been taken relatively good care of, runs good considering its age. About 2 months ago my serpentine belt snapped while driving luckily I was in a parking lot so I quickly shut it off then walked to get a new belt and spent the evening replacing it. Things go good for about a month or so, then I start noticing leaking going on under the car. Suddenly on my way back from donating plasma I hear the belt making a loud squeaking then I lose power steering while on the freeway. I make it about 2 miles from home then the car shuts off. I quickly restart it in a desperate attempt to just make it home, the car goes about another half mile then shuts off. I look at the temp gauge and its completely overheated to the point that it shut off. After getting it towed and a few days later I look at the belt and it looks fine. No places in it. It seems it just slipped off. I put it back on then I notice there is no coolant at all in the car so I put some in it and it looks like the car just spews it out the bottom as soon as I put it in. I look under it and it looks as though it is coming from the crankshaft and leaking right on to the belt itself. (So I am assuming that the coolant caused it to slip.)?). I realize the water pump is right above the crank shaft and that is where the leak is coming from. Which brings me to here, I have read in a lot of places that it is a big job to change the water pump but I am willing to go through with it because pep boys down the street quoted me at $451 labor only! Being as that is out of the question for me I have found the procedure here:


The only problem with me using the procedure is I am not sure about a couple of these things in here. Such as the intake air resonator chamber, or the front timing belt cover. Can someone please explain to me what and where these are in the car? Or does anyone have a link to the Engine Cooling PDF from the repair manual? Thank you to everyone for your help it will be very much appreciated.

07-11-13, 09:08 AM
u need to make sure its water pump leaks. common leak on catera its a top crack by upper hose. that will spay on belt and makes noise. due to overheating that cost extreme pressure, your seal on pump could cracked as well.



1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Drain the coolant.
3. Remove the intake air resonator chamber.
4. Remove the front timing belt cover.
5. Remove the water pump bolts. NOTE: Use a catch basin to collect escaping coolant. 6. Remove the water pump.
7. Clean the cylinder block sealing surfaces. INSTALL OR CONNECT 1. Coat the seal ring of the water pump with silicone grease, GM P/N 12345579 or equivalent.
2. Install the water pump.
3. Install the water pump bolts. Tighten the water pump bolts to 25 Nm (18 ft. lbs.).
4. Install the front timing belt cover.
5. Install the intake air resonator chamber.
6. Refill the cooling system and bleed the cooling system.
7. Reconnect the negative battery cable and reprogram the applicable accessories

1. Install the intake air resonator.
2. Insert the intake air resonator guide pin into the rubber mount (8).
3. Connect the vacuum connections at the switchover valve and the vacuum tank.
4. Install a new cable tie to retain the vacuum lines.
5. Connect the electrical connector to the switchover valve.
6. Install the intake resonance switchover valve assembly.
7. Install the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor.

07-11-13, 08:43 PM
Thank you Johnjjo for your reply! It is very nice to have some pics that help! My step-dad said the previous owner had changed some kind of piece on a hose before but he didn't know exactly what. But he said that they were bad to do that. Ill check. You are talking about the upper hose on the engine where it enters the plastic part on the radiator right? On the drivers side?

07-12-13, 07:21 AM
thats correct, upper hose on driver side. Also there is a common probleam of Heater Control Vavle leak, u can read all about here:

07-13-13, 07:03 AM
Thanks again Johnjjo for all of your help. I get payed on Wednesday, gonna get the water pump online I found it pretty cheap for around $50 I think. But yea I'll be tackling it after that on my next days off. Im looking forward to it. You're input has made me feel like I am not going it completely alone and that feels awesome considering that I dont have any family for a good 2,000 miles or friends to offer any real help out here. But to just make sure I got it right, the front timing belt cover is takin off by the star nuts that surrounds the engine. And the serpentine belt will need to come off too right? Or is that just to remove the lower or back cover and not required for changing the water pump?

07-13-13, 10:57 AM
Here are some more pictures when I did the timing belt, water pump and seals.