: Aux-in adapter audio distortion

02-23-05, 06:02 PM

So I finally hooked the PXGM24 to my Escalade and I wasn't very impressed as it generates some audio distortion at mid to high volume ranges.

And today it totally locked up while I was driving. The only thing that worked with it was to stop the truck, open the door (to switch off the head unit), start the truck again and there it goes.

Weird it displayed "XM ERROR" and went off when I don't even have XM.

Anyhow, for whatever reason that malfuntion was what I'm really looking for help with is this audio distortion thing. It sounds as if it doesn't go well with the truck's setup.

For the info, I have the normal stock CD/Cassette head unit with Lux Bose amp and the 6-cd changer.

Any help would be really appreciated as the guys at Peripheral Electronics don't seem to want to reply to emails anymore. :rant2: