: Replacement lenses or aftermarket units for HID Gen I V

07-10-13, 11:14 PM
Every listing I find for an aftermarket set of headlights says clearly that they are not compatible with HID systems. Does anyone make an aftermarket HID headlight? Mine work fine, but its a 2004 and they are starting to show their age. I would be happy with a new set of lenses only to swap the guts of the lights back into, but I can't find just the housings either... What's the answer?

07-10-13, 11:31 PM
Your only option for a brand new Headlight designed for HID is a new OEM unit at $900+.
Some people buy the aftermarket halogen headlights and put HID conversion kits in.

Personally if they work fine and are just getting cloudy, I'd sand them, polish them and then spray them with a clear to keep them looking good.

I haven't asked around, but you could probably find a local body shop that could help you out.

07-11-13, 03:27 PM
cheapest solution is to correct them either using a "restoration" kit or your favorite correction method then add opti-lens to coat it.

07-11-13, 07:03 PM
current discussion/\

did the restore kit twice.. still hazing probably going to go after market

07-11-13, 09:00 PM
See this thread http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2004-2007-cadillac-cts-v-appearance/264529-cts-v-dual-halo-aftermarket-headlights.html

I did the aftermarket halos with Chinese HIDs and 1 yr later am very pleased. I was worried the light pattern would be inferior but it's as good as original. I wouldn't go too blue unless that's what you like. This issue is connecting four wires and how best to do it. Soldering is best but harder to do the car side.