: Looking for a Buckle in 4 point harness for the V?

07-10-13, 11:10 PM
Schroth Racing makes a "buckle in" 4 point harness for the BMW boys, but not for us. Before I start looking for universal harnesses to keep me in my seat during my weekend warrior track days, can anyone tell me if there is a solution out there that works well with a Gen I V? I use the car as a daily driver, so I am not interested in a bolt in system, it has to be removable in minimal time. Any leads would be appreciated...

07-11-13, 11:31 AM
Sometimes its give n take. There may not be an option yet... Maybe you can hit up schroth and get them to make one for you if you give them the needed dimensions.

Jeff James
07-13-13, 11:53 AM
Probably not gonna find exactly what you want that is quickly changed. The BMW guys have volume over us and most kits will fit most BMWs. Best bet is to buy a clip in(convert OE bolts to Eye bolts) and get long Shoulder harnesses to go between back & base of rear set where another eye bolt(s) have been installed. Not the best way but without a cross bar for Shoulder harness, it will have to do. This is basically what show room stock Road racers had to do before the advent of legal custom rollbars. Suggest a very large plate or washer for the rear mount. Good Luck

07-13-13, 08:37 PM
CG Lock may be your best bet...