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07-10-13, 05:27 PM
I of course had XM for my XTS Platinum free for the first 3 months expiring Apr 25/13. I then received a call in March offering an extension to July 25/13 for C$11.73 (incl. tax) to be debited to my charge card Apr. 25/13 and that on July 25 I would be debited for a further 3 months @ C$47.97 including tax unless I cancelled that arrangement prior to that date. I was debited on Apr. 28. but at an even lower price of only CS11.09. So far so good. In the meantime the traffic service was also available in Canada. See my post under http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-user-experience-cue/288746-how-get-siriusxm-traffic-canada-yes.html#post3408761 I then received a call offering the basic service (which I have now) at $143.91 for 12 months before tax (as are all the prices I am stating from now on unless stated otherwise). Saying that I also wanted traffic I was told she couldn't do that and I was to call 1-877-438-9677. She wasn't even able to give me a price, but since I said I first wished to know the price, she now suddenly offered the 12 month service for C$95.94. I still said I wished to first know the total price including traffic, so she said she would call me back. I phoned the number given and was quoted C$57.50 for 3 months without traffic (higher than then C$47.97 I was quoted in March). The price for 3 months with traffic was C$62.94 thus $C5.44 (CS1.81 p.m.) applicable to traffic. He quoted a yearly cost of C$279.57 with traffic, which would be more than the quarterly C$62.94 being CS251.76 p.a. It took a while for him to even acknowledge that the traffic portion per months was around C$1.81, so given the quoted C$95.94 and adding 12 x 1.81 the annual cost with traffic should be less than C$120. He again started to quote those quarterly prices and tried to confuse me with the aspect of the needed addition of taxes. I told him that until the company comes up with reasonable prices and also reasonable in line with US pricing that make sense rather than those many varied ones, I was not interested in dealing with such a company and he should ensure my account was closed effected July 25th. He couldn't do that and transferred me to a "retention" centre. Before being able to cancel I had to again go through the whole issue and after being put on hold I was eventually offered a yearly price with traffic of C$166,42 with tax which amounts to C$147.29 ex tax or basically some C$30 more than what it should be based on those other quoted prices. Nevertheless, I was almost willing to bite the bullet and to go ahead with that but was then told that yearly service would expire on June 25/14 not July, thus loosing a month. That was the last straw, so I told him to cancel my service effective July 25/13. I am listening to my own music most of the time anyway. Traffic would have been nice, but for my planned trip to California and all over the US I still can also attach my Garmin GPS which has life-long maps and traffic updates and is still better than the CUE navigation system anyway.

07-13-13, 10:37 AM
Yeah I was wondering about that Garmin has the traffic thing built in already for free right? How is it? Like why does Sirius XM even charge for the traffic feature I think they should just include it..

07-16-13, 01:18 AM
Only used the Garmin on one trip to the Eastern Seaboard so far (before I had the XTS) and it worked great including traffic, except once, when an accident was reported some 5 miles from where it happened. Obviously a wrong input as to Longitude and Latitude by whoever inputs such. (Police ?) The hardware is on my nuvi 3590 LMT included as a piece of hardware in the cord which connects from the cigarette lighter to the GPS, i.e. not imbedded in the unit itself. So that unfortunately requires that special piece of hardware to be on your dash with access to the sky. Note not every Garmin has free "lifetime" traffic or maps and you pay more for the unit to get such. L = Lifetime. M = maps (updates are 4 times a year) T = traffic. But except for the cost at the outset, there is no fee whatsoever after the purchase. I'm not holding my breath for free map updates from GM. Was rather expensive for my previous STS. As indicated in my original post my objection was which their total price structure being all over the road and the method of offering extensions of only a partial service. Once they manage to straighten that out I might be interested in that service, providing pre-tax prices in Canada are basically in line with US prices and of course reasonable. BTW, that Lady phoned back and I relayed my total experience to her, telling her I was not interested until they straighten out their price structure and service. She said she would be informing her supervisor and I said that I posted all this on this forum and she should inform her supervisor also of that fact.

07-16-13, 01:42 PM
thanks man Im with you CDN customer as well..doesnt make sense that the pricing is off-market..cant argue transportation costs or cost of doing business lol.