: AAA Extended Warranty

Yo! Ant-Knee
02-23-05, 12:53 PM
I just got a '99 Eldorado with 15k on it. The factory extended warranty expired in November 2004 so I cannot get GMPP. It seems that the only one I might be able to get is through AAA. Does anyone know if this is a good plan? Can anyone who has it comment on the claims process and other aspects? I'd hate to buy it only to find out that it only covers parts that don't break (like the engine).

02-23-05, 01:45 PM
Extended warranties are generally not a good investment, from what I've seen. You'll find in the fine print that they exclude things like "time-worn parts," which could be anything, including the engine, transmission, etc., and they will only fix the symptoms, not necessarily the problem. So, say, if your rear seat blower is making a loud noise, they'll disconnect it rather than fix it. They advertise those things with spam email, banner ads, and telemarketing, and that's reason enough to avoid them in my book. AAA doesn't actually do the warranty, they re-sell it for somebody else. So, the AAA name might give it more credibility, but it's the same crap "policy" that you can get from any place else. My opinion is to avoid them all like the plague.

02-23-05, 02:24 PM
Get a good quote for a policy. Bank that amount regularly in an interest bearing account and self insure. If you wind up needing the money you'll have it. If you don't need it for the car, take the wife on an Alaskan cruise.