View Full Version : 102mm Throttle body opinions needed

07-10-13, 12:25 PM
I was hoping to get some feed back from those who are running a 102mm Throttle body on their V's., I was told from a local shop that they had a hard time working with the 102 TB because of a lack of airflow or vacuum to hold the blade steady at different speed besides WOT.

Assuming you have a ported blower and snout, a cam, pulleys= 15-16 psi, tune, exhaust plus other misc pieces, is a 102 Tb a good addition for mostly street use and has anyone had good or bad luck with one?

Thanks for the help all.

07-10-13, 05:18 PM
Tuner needs to know what they are doing as they become a challenge to maintain good every day driver behaviors. Your throttle response linearity will not be the same as stock or even LS7 TB options but for those who want to go for max power and heavy mods, 102 is the way to go

07-10-13, 08:32 PM
I would agree with your local tuner and working with a 102. It was a nightmare for me/my tuner.

Buyer beware if you purchase a NW 102 TB. Many people, especially at "high" boost levels (15+psi), have reported that the TB will slam shut. This was an issue with my car specifically.

TPIS 102 doesn't appear to have that issue, but this TB comes with a potential idle &/or drivability issues. I believe that the TPIS issue can be (mostly) fixed, but that the NW issue is still very dicey. You will want a very knowledgable/experienced tuner in either case.

FYI: I ended up removing the 102 TB and went back to a ported LS7 TB. It's very comfortable at 700+rwhp (maggie 2300 on top). I would recommend not going with a 102 unless you really want to shoot the moon with rwhp and have an engine/supercharger than really demands it.

07-11-13, 07:07 AM
Good to know opinions. Thanks for the input. I have heard that the LS7 is a good option but for the small difference in size and for street use I think I will stay with a ported stock TB.