: 67' Coupe DeVille in Australia

07-10-13, 09:21 AM
Hey guys, found this forum in a search for some more info on a DeVille i'm looking at tomorrow... If any of you can give me some pointers on what to look for in terms of how to gauge if this vehicle is worth the price, it would be greatly appreciated (also where the trouble spots are to look for).


Again, any help is appreciated. :)

07-10-13, 04:56 PM
If it were me, I'd be looking at the things I dont like to deal with. If you are a mechanic but not a body man, look for floor rust and body work that needs to be done. If you are a body man, look for a running engine and tranny. Rust is the major concern for me, makes simple turn to four days. I'd bring a jack and take a decent look underneath.

07-10-13, 05:06 PM
Looks like a solid driver. The front seat appears to have been reupholstered in vinyl at some point, though the rear seat is the original leather. The paint is not orginal, but is close. The wire wheels are obviously not original. Seems decently optioned. Take a magnet with you and check the lower fenders, rockers, and around the backlight for filler. These cars tend to rust there. After that, it depends on the way it drives. Make sure all the options work, as repairing them can get costly. Make sure the car has all it's trim. I can already see the model badges that should be on the rear quarters above the side rub strips are missing. The antenna on the trunk is not correct. Remember that a lot of stuff on this car runs on vacuum, including the power door locks, so be sure the vacuum canister holds vacuum with the engine off.

Looking at the exchange rate, I'd say his asking price is a bit high given the car's condition. But, I imagine these cars are not common in Oz, so perhaps the price is justified. In the States, I'd say that car is worth no more than 7000 USD, and that assumes it runs correctly and all the options are in working order. It clearly has needs, but, as I said, it's a solid driver.

Good luck! :)