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02-22-05, 09:38 PM
Hi. Like many of you here, I own a late 1980's Cadillac Brougham. I love my car and nearly everything about it. I also enjoy the community here and have found it most interesting, helpful and even amusing.

Recently I was impressed to view a thread where one of our members had designed, constructed and installed his own center console for a different model Cadillac. Has anyone done something similar with the 1980-1989 Brougham? These years are all basically the same, I believe.

I have visited many a store, searching, longing to find the ultimate cup holders/console to fit in that akward, sloping area below my dash, between the front seats. :banghead: Many of you, perhaps, have also searched. I'm looking for answers. I'm looking for the Holy Grail of consoles, the supreme and ultimate design to end all designs. I am merely in the very beginning stages of a design and I don't know if or when I shall ever be satisfied.

So if anyone here has anything to showcase or suggestions that may aid me or anyone else in this quest, I'd love to know.

Let the challenge begin!

02-22-05, 09:53 PM
Ha, the cup-sized dents on the glove compartment door don't do it for you? I would love a better cupholder myself, I am interested in hearing what people have done in this area.

02-22-05, 10:09 PM
I built one, out of pine. I used a couple of 1x8s. I built a box without any back, and put two levels in it. The bottom level is solid. The top level has 2 holes cut into it with a jigsaw. They are large enough for a "Megabuddy" from a KwikTrip. I put the top level about a 1/4th inch below the edge of the surrounding 3 boards, and then screwed it all together. I used a piece of cardboard and a permanent market to get the curve of the trans hump about the same, then I cut the front edge of the unit to the same curve. I sanded, varnished and poly'd the whole thing. Took me about 2 hours to cut, build, and sand, and obviously a few days to varnish and poly. I put the grip side of velcro on the bottom of it to secure it well to the carpet, and believe me, it could take corners with two drinks just fine. I tried to match the stain to the color of the "wood" grain in my 85 Parisienne, and it turned out pretty close. It can be done, just need a little creativity and some fabrication skills.


02-22-05, 10:12 PM
Brian -

That's kinda what I was thinking. Could you show us some pictures? I'd love to see the end-result! :yup:

02-22-05, 10:17 PM
Here's a diagram of how it looks, I don't have the real thing right now, it's at home and I'm at school. I can try and talk my mother through using her digital camera and emailing me pictures of the real thing, but give me a day or two, after all, old people and technology = oil and water. :cool:


02-22-05, 10:26 PM
Thanks...and take your time, I know how it goes. "Mom, no, that tray in the computer is NOT for your coffee mug."