: Garrett By Honeywell Boost Adviser- Android App?? Annnd Speculate, Can Catera Cut It?

07-09-13, 07:07 AM
So I find this app on the Android market because I purchased a super cheap Garrett 17 turbocharger from a 9-5 Saab online. Even knowing but hazy on the big debate why Catera is difficult, if possible to use at all for turbos... Worst off, I'll rebuild it and make a Jet Engine or something that I'll end up paying for later :yup: buuuuuuuttttt wanted to play, found the app, enter my 98 catera stats as best possible and according to my location... Realize I should be outside fixing instead of playing, ignore and push forward... errrrr....

So clearly this does not compute at the end results of the app and the obvious is reinstated again... But if any of you could check the app or are going to, and try the same as myself.... I went back and changed the stats from a single turbocharger, to a double... And doing that gets me a step further into results "stats" on the application... Soooo the final step after this is "clicking next, after the stats, to see your recommended turbocharger by Honeywell" but it derps out again with the error screen. Something like "No recommendations for you"

123737 123745 123753 123761 123769 123777 123785 123793 123801

... Are the stats on the prior screen just a speculation?? Does this also mean if you're going turbo, twin would be the better/only option?? On the stats screen I believe the boost recommendation is only sitting at 1psi (And I can only assume that's for each turbo, which seems ridiculously low, especially with the output given, but the only option that is also given in debates anyway)

So since I'm new to all this but I've read the forums (You guys are incredible on here, all the help is better and cheaper than the therapy I'd be going through for this split decision "98 Catera w/65k!? Only $1,100!? SOLD!!" ... Get Online to do research (ONLY TIME I've ever made a decision like this w/o the work/research first, out of desperation) and wait... What??? Awwwww crap.... :want: Hahahaha But I LOVE THIS THING ANYWAY...

Whats with this app?? Whats with ME?? Would the Pressure Ratio, Manifold Temperature and Torque @ Crank REALLY stay the same!?!? Inferring little differences in certain important strains/stresses.... I don't know why I wanna believe in this fairytale but I really do :cookoo: I know I know... what seems too good usually aint.. Anyway I was just on a tangent and would appreciate the feedback from the crew, good and bad. Sorry for the Length here... I just haven't seen this in discussions so far from all my surfing since i started my membership here and thought it could be a new angle to an old deal. I got the inspiration in a salvage yard under a Saturn hood for new Valve Covers lol which may be why... Extreme heat & sun... Even cause me to get the wrong covers :suspect: like I don't have enough fabrication to do as is lol... Thanks everybody!! My own Adventure, Pics (when I learn how with all this) and story will be coming eventually to add to the library and masses.