View Full Version : 1996 SLS Transmission Reluctant/Studders to go to Overdrive Ideas?

02-22-05, 08:38 PM
I have owned quite a few N*s and this is a strange problem I haven't experienced in the transmission. I was in drive and getting on the interstate. The rpms are around 3000 and it shifts to OD the rpms drop but then they bounce and it drops back down a gear and now I am at 3500 rpm or so. I tried again and it didn't seem to take to OD it studdered then went back to the lower gear. I then put it in 3rd and it was fine but the car was around 3500 rpm or so at 45mph. What do you guys think this could be? There are no codes showing up which I thought was strange. It doesn't act like trans solenoids to me as my Concours just wouldn't shift out of 2nd gear it didn't studder and not want to stay in OD. Any info would be appreciated. It doesn't vibrate at a certain rpm either like a torque converter issue would do. Any info would be appreciated.