: General Deville Maintenance

09-27-03, 09:01 AM
Hi all, new memeber. Have owned a 98 Deville for two years now, love it. All that power and very good mileage considering what it is. However, it just turned 90k, and I've done nothing to it other than battery replacement and rotors.

What is general stuff I should do. I change oil every 3.5k. What about plugs, air filter etc. And do I really need to go to a dealer for the dreaded 100k first tuneup?

Thanks all.

09-27-03, 09:16 AM
Everything the dealer does you can do......

When I do a tuneup on a FI engine, this is what I would do (i may have left out some stuff)

1. plugs
2. Wires
3. ALL filters: air filter should be changed 1 per year, their only $5..... If it hasnt been done, your seriously doing bad to the system..... Fuel filter should be about every 36k or so..... Again, its a 10 part, so dont skimp on the easy stuff
4. Do an injector fuel rail flush (saves injector life)
5. Do a TB cleaning procedure........

09-27-03, 09:17 AM
Take a look in the owners manual, and tell us what it says....

ALSO-- IMPORTANT-- If the TRANNY fluid hasnt been changed, it need to be........ You might also consider dropping the pan, cleaning it, and replacing the filter.......

09-27-03, 11:25 AM
Im not a mechanic so I dont know how to do alot of these things.
Like what are these things,
4. Do an injector fuel rail flush (saves injector life)
5. Do a TB cleaning procedure........
I looked online and some GM parts store wanted $90 for an air filter for a 98 Deviile. I can get that part for $10?
I assume plugs, wires, all filters are easy assuming I can locate where they are.

Is that pretty much what a dealership would do, for hundreds more?

09-27-03, 08:10 PM
Thats about it...

Dealer was ripping you off.... Go get a filter from advance auto parts, pepboys, or autozone (whichever is more convienent to you, they all carry the same brands and are close to the same price)..... I went to advance autos website, and the most expensive one I saw was like $6...... And replacement is simple, just undo the wingnuts holding it on, and replace..... No tools required, and it takes about 5mins...... When I did it on mine, it took longer to open and close the hood than it did to replace the element.......!!

An injector rail flush is simply a way of cleaning the injectors...... What they (the dealer or shop) do is hook the car up to a special machine, and it essentially forces all the junk out..... They run a mixture of gas and a special solvent to really clean things...... Most fuel injection systems run at about 45psi +- 5psi, and a rail flush exposes them to about 60 psi...... It doesnt harm the injectors <at all>, and it cleans them to almost as new condition........

TB cleaning is simply introducing some TB cleaner into the intake tract..... There are quite a few different ways to do it, the best being to take it off and give it a manual scrub..... Plus, you can clean most of the plenum (the part that the TB plugs into, not the hose that connects to the TB), which will also help.......

Plugs and wires are definitely more complicated than the other stuff....... Ive heard that changing plugs and wires is simple on the northstar, since their mounted on top of the heads......

I think if you did that, plus an OBD diagnosis, and R/R anything that comes up on that, you should be golden!!!