: waterpump for 472ci

07-08-13, 03:19 PM
i have eliminated the air pump and the compressor from the engine. to do this i spaced the alternator and power steer pump out from the block approx 3/4".. got some appropriate length belts and all was good.

but my waterpump is bad. i see 2 pumps online, one for "SINGLE GROOVE POWER STEERING PULLEY" and one for "DOUBLE GROOVE POWER STEERING PULLEY"

my engine rriginally had 2 belts on the power steering pump. but with my new configuration i am only running 1.

so im wondering what exactly is the difference? difference between these 2 water pumps? the single groove version is drastically cheaper. can i use it and run my old pulley? or would the belts no longer line up?


07-08-13, 05:18 PM
Oh I know the answer to this one! I was given, by mistake at Napa, a water pump for a single belt, when I had a double belt setup. I just love doing an ugly job twice! The water pumps are the same, except the water pump for the double belt setup has a larger indentation on the water pump body for the belts to clear. The inner belt is the one that you would have trouble with, so now that you have just the outer single belt, the water pump for a single belt should work out fine. Good luck!

BTW I thought only the 1968 through 1970 Cadillacs had the double belt (ac compressor and power steering) set up. Am I mistaken?

07-08-13, 07:51 PM
thats exactly the answer i was looking for!!! thank you! no i dont use the inside pulley anymore. so this is perfect! save $40! thank you!

project is a 1965 for truck mounted on a 73 deville frame / drivetrain... just pulled it out of the shop yesterday!!! stoked! now for a new waterpump!


07-08-13, 08:42 PM

07-08-13, 10:54 PM

project is a 1965 for truck mounted on a 73 deville frame / drivetrain... just pulled it out of the shop yesterday!!!

Was the wheelbase on the Cadillac frame the same as the truck's body? How was it mounted to the frame? Pics please!

07-09-13, 02:43 AM
thanx again, i ordered the $21 pump for single belt. and a new rad.

no pix yet, not that ive taken myself. i dont use cameras, or phones... ha ha ha... truck is fully air susp and lays rockers 1/2" off ground. tons of custom work to make that happen. basically a 6" channel. left the caddy susp stock, sits on stock bumpstops when down. but with a mega channel. heh heh.

ill upload some pix after i drive it a bit. not worthy of showing off till i can get it further than a mile from the house! soon!!!!

oh ya, yes, wheelbase VERY close. i think it was within 1/4".... i measured every big old station wagon and 4 door boat around, caddy was damn perfect! 4-link susp, huge motor, perfect donor car. donor EVERYTHING!!! even used the caddy steering column. heavily modified of course....

actually, truck can be seen BEFORE i finished it here....... its the red one laying in the yard. documentary trailer...... shows the truck about 20 seconds into video. its flat black now though.