: Transmission codes

02-22-05, 11:24 AM
Does anyone know how to decipher the transmission ID tag? Yellow/orange tag with a bar code and a bunch of numbers/letters both printed and stamped. I want to know what information all this stuff can tell me. Thanks.

02-22-05, 12:24 PM
The transaxle ID nameplate contains all of the build information pertaining to that specific transaxle. (Top right clockwise) first letter top- not on barcode=Calendar year, next numbers=Julian Date of the Year, numbers below represent Shift and Line Number, larger number in center=Calendar Year, large letters=Model, lower barcode numbers & letter=Serial Number in Base Code 31,
(going up the bar code) letter=Plant (H is Willow Run), number & three letters=Broadcast Date, top two numbers=Transaxle

source:General Information 0-9, Transmission ID and VIN Derivative Location 98 Service Manual Deville, Deville, d'Elegance, Concours, Eldorado Volume #1 of 3 GMP/98-EKS-1F

Transaxle VIN derivative number is stamped into the horizontal cast rib on the RH rear of the transaxle housing.

02-23-05, 11:19 AM
Thanks! When you said "larger number in center=Calendar Year" did you mean "Model Year"? If so, then everything makes sense. Otherwise, I'm really confused, since you also said, "first letter top- not on barcode=Calendar year".

Looking at my tranny tag, the first character makes it built in 2002... but the large number in the center says "3" - which would make sense if that's the model year.

Also, if I have it all correct then can anyone tell me what model "ML" (m overtop of L on the tag) is? Essentially, I'm just trying to confirm that this came out of a Seville STS and not an SLS.


02-23-05, 10:51 PM
The first number you mentioned at the top is the build year. The other number is listed in the legend as calender year. ML is the Model and I have not as yet found a source to interpret the letters. The examples given in legends in my service manual are AJ and BB. You have an ML. Maybe some of the online service manuals in this forum will have what is represented. The info above is all that I can get out of my 98 Eldo manual on Tranny ID.

02-24-05, 12:48 AM
yeah - funny thing is I got hold of the appropriate page out of the 03 Seville manual, and it also uses BB as the example. Then again, that example tag shows their fictitious tranny being built in '94 with a "calendar" year of '96 - so I'm not sure the example means anything at all. Anyway, thanks for your help.