: 07 escalade ext, starter clicks, but engine won't turn over. New battery & starter,

07-08-13, 11:31 AM
Hi guys, Im seeing if anyone else has seen this. I went out to start my EXT after pulling my boat home from the lake, and the engine turned over 2-3 times then it stopped. Next the starter solenoid would just click. Sounds liked all it was doing was throwing the gear out but not turning the engine over. Every thing else works fine.

So I ran to the parts store, replaced the battery since it was 6 yrs old... Same thing. Solenoid clicks but the engine wont turn over. Pulled the starter relay, (as I expected) nothing then, no click, nothing. Swapped the relay for the heck of it. Still just a solenoid click and no engine turing over. New battery is good, 12.7 volts.

So I figured the starter was shot, smacked it with a hammer a couple times, Same thing, just a click. I then replaced the starter and......Same thing!!!!! Just a click form the solenoid.:hmm:

Today Im going to replace the battery wire from the battery to the starter and see what happens.

You guys have any other ideas? Maybe the engine blew up sitting there lol!!! ( I hope not)

Please help, Thank you,


07-08-13, 01:06 PM
Well guys to update and hopefully help some one else out some day.

I found the problem. It was the negative battery cable leading from battery to the right side engine head. The wires inside the rubber coating were all but a couple broken. Probably from the high heat form the engine. I made a temporarily cable out of 4 gauge wire, until the replacement one comes. and....WOW, the starter never spun this fast!! It sounds really strong. It should have been replaced 2 years ago.

07-08-13, 01:31 PM
I think I've heard that battery cables are an issue on these cars, would be something good to check as a general maintenance item. You're probably better off with the 4 gauge wire you're currently using with a proper terminal soldered than a replacement GM cable