: any advice on tire choice

02-22-05, 11:14 AM
last week when i was crusin around i hit a huge pothole. ever since then the car has had a bad shake and i found out over the weekend that i had a shifted belt in my right rear tire. i am going to replace the two rear tires but i was wondering what kind you guys recommend. also, i believe the tires on it now are P225/75R15. my neighbor gave me a pair of bridgestones which are P235/75R15. will these fit on my fleetwood without any problems or should i get another pair of the 225's?

thanks for the advice

02-22-05, 12:45 PM
The older "not downsized" cars from 1965-1976 used the 235-75-15s. The downsized RWD cars from 1977-1992 used 225-75-15 while the last of the line 1993-1996 Fleetwoods used 235-70-15 (better handling than the 225-75s).

That said, I run 235-70-15s on my 1968 DeVille Convertible so I can have the same size tire on both cars (that and the 1995 Fleetwood). It's hard to find this size in whitewalls though. :banghead:

These will throw off your speed-o-meter and odometer a little bit (do the math if you want to know the percentage), but if they clear the wheel wells, you should be fine.

Keep the same sized tires on an axle though, otherwise, you can cause serious handling and a possible differential failure. You should settle on one size tire for the car however.

02-23-05, 07:53 AM
is the 225 versus the 235 a difference in the width or the diameter

02-23-05, 03:02 PM
the 235 and 225 stands for the width in millimeter (mm) this is a "ruffly" measurment and does not mean that you have exactly 235 mm width of rubber on the road. But the 235 tire is about 10 mm (0,4 inch) wider than the 225 tire. The 75 and 70 is the way to tell the hight of the tire sidewall, 235/75 says that the hight of the rubber sidewall of the tire is 75 percent of the tires width 235 mm and of cuorse the 15 stands for the matcing rim size in inch.

02-23-05, 03:09 PM
We run 235X70X15 whitewall Yokohama Avid Touring tires. They are excellent.

02-23-05, 03:37 PM
We run 235X70X15 whitewall Yokohama Avid Touring tires. They are excellent.

That's what I switched to. Nice tires.

1st number (225, 235, whatever) is the cross section width (max) in mm.

2nd number (70, 75. etc) is the PERCENT of the height related to the width. so a 237-70-15 is 235 mm wide, the sidewall height is 70% of 235 or 164.5 mm.

3rd number (15, 16, etc) is the rim diameter in INCHES.

You can figure out the overall height of a tire by applying a little jr high school math.

Tread width can vary up to 2 inches for a particular section wodth, an is ALWAYS less than section width, especially in the higher profile tires, 70, 75, 80, etc.

02-24-05, 08:00 AM
thanks guys

02-25-05, 07:42 AM
well, the tire finally blew out today. at least i was only going 25-30mph

02-25-05, 08:01 AM
Right now our '93 has 235-70-15 "Pinnacle" tires on it, and they're getting to the end of the road, as the tread is pretty worn and they're VERY noisy. Plus I think they just look a little "thin" or small as far as sidewall goes--but maybe I'm just used to the armored Presidential version with monster tires on it....

Our '92 Roadmaster (which is apparently supposed to have 225-70-15) had a new set of 235-75-15's on it when we bought it, and we like the taller size, so thinking about it for the Caddy.

I saw those Yokohama's, but would probably use the 75-series version because more sidewall would fill out the FW's wheel wells better and give it even more "cush". I know at least one person who put the same size on his, and he said they fit fine.

02-25-05, 10:45 AM
the only problem i know of with the 235's, because my dad has them on his '92 caprice wagon, is that they rub the frame when you turn the wheel all the way to the left because they are supposed to be 225's