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07-08-13, 09:19 AM

I've had my 89 now for a few months, enjoying the ride and the car overall. Everything works in a way. My goal this summer is to clear up the minor issues and do some accessorizing next year. It looks like the drivers door panel has been removed in the past, the seat set/memory buttons (u/s) seem pushed below the underside of the cover and the pass. window lever has little resistance to the touch. the drivers side button window lever works fine. The passenger side window button stopped working a few weeks ago while the drivers side pass. button works intermittently (little resistance). Noticed this week end with the pass. window down, when closing the drivers door, the pass. window went up automatically . Replace the whole button(s) unit on the door?


07-09-13, 12:28 PM
are you familiar with removing the driver window switch?

if so remove the switch...CAREFULLY.
There are a couple of plastic tabs that hold the top and bottom of the switch together, they must be broken, causing the switch to seperate, which is why your memory seat buttons are "sunken".

if everything is in place and you hope to never have to opent he switch again, you can hold the switch together by hand and test to make sure the functions work properly. If they do you may use epoxy and a clamp to seal the switch halves together.

HOWEVER, these switches get dirty and need maintenance, a better option is to use tiny screws, two on the front and two on the back to screw the top and bottom together. This way when you need to open it up you dont have to deal with hardened epoxy.

if you need help removing the switch, please reply