: 1/2 grind

07-07-13, 10:42 PM
Anyone else grind gears? I've never grinded a gear in 2500 miles. Then I replace clutch with McLeod RXT (I think it was) and 13lb fly wheel (I love it) but I've ground down shifting into 2nd maybe 4 times in 600 miles. Not that it didn't go in or anything. But I don't think it's normal. I also did it once or twice going into first. I think I had the clutch pushed in. Maybe it's out of adjustment? Maybe I wasn't paying attention n let it out too soon? I haven't been able to reproduce in any gear

07-08-13, 12:48 AM
If you're grinding, it's because you haven't bled your system thoroughly, or you over-torqued the pressure plate bolts and opened up too large of a gap between the slave throw-out bearing and the clutch fingers. Not a problem with the clutch.