View Full Version : Fastest NORTHSTAR

02-21-05, 11:51 PM
What is the fastest northstar engine? Im mostly concerned with the ones 2004 and back. Are there only the L37 and the LD8 northstars? Were there different versions of these two base engines as well. I have read a lot of debate on the two engines and which offers more perfomance. I could not seem to find any threads on the site focusing on the best northstar made. I have a 1993 seville sts with the L37...295 horse and 290lbs torque. Lets hear your opinion which NORTHSTAR is the fastest?

02-22-05, 12:15 AM
I'm going to guess this one running 9psi.


02-22-05, 12:57 PM
:yeah: I'd have to agree with ya! hehehe:) That'd look nice in an old 60-something or early seventies deville or eldo