: Front Bumper Repair/Replacement

07-07-13, 07:41 PM

Had a little car-park incident over the weekend. Some pretty heavy scratches to the passenger front corner and the front bumper has come away slightly from the fender. Any estimate of cost to replace? Any other advice? It's my first incident in the States and I don't know the protocol. Thunder gray 2012 Wagon if that makes a difference, and I'm insured through USAA.

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07-07-13, 08:02 PM
Figure $1500 for a new bumper and painting. They may need to blend your other panels as well. Make a claim through USAA or the other persons insurance if not your fault.

07-07-13, 08:07 PM
Thunder Gray paint could cause you a problem. It's becoming as rare as a wedding day virgin. I hope it all works out. If you can get the paint you'll be sailing.

07-07-13, 08:12 PM
Been through this same parking lot scenario with some a-hole annihilating my passenger front corner, but there were no issues that I had to deal with for putting the bumper back... just a HUGE f'in scrape down to the white composite!!
Maybe just try to make sure that you are sitting down when they quote you the price per liter (or quart) for the Thunder Gray Chromaflair paint that will have to be purchased... and it will need to be clearcoated as well.

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