: Dubai cts-v

07-07-13, 03:56 PM

i have a cts-v sedan with upgraded supercharger 2.3 TVS, now i have an issue in my TVS so i have to change it.
i am confused and completely lost ,,, 2.9 whipple or 2.8 KB or turbo :)
why am putting the turbo in the Comparison coz whipple emailed me back telling me that it will cost 7.5 dollar and i think that i can go with the turbo with less than 7.5 dollar
and i dont know what do i need to buy exactly if i want to go with a whipple.
as i mentioned in the title that am from dubai so, the temperature in dubai it's always between 80 F and more approximately

so, help me with any information i'll need to know plz