: Aftermarket head unit for 97 STS

02-21-05, 03:18 PM
I am toying witht the idea of changing the head unit out on my 97 STS so I can go with a hard wired sirius unit. Has anyone done this and would it be possible to post pics?

With the size of the factory radio I am worried about how it will look with an after market unit in. I also have the factory 12 cd changer in the trunk and want to change that to an mp3 changer, yes it has the bose system installed.


02-26-05, 12:33 AM
Hate to break the news, but I have done several similar posts, made a lot of phone calls and done a lot of research. Due to the goofy integrated shape of the radio (assuming your 97 STS is not any different than my 97 SLS radio) we are out of luck.

There are no adapter plates to install the aftermarket unit. I ended up swapping my rear speakers (powered them by an amp) and added 2 10's and a changer. Actually it is not too bad. It is not the best system I ever put in, but with some Line converters and proper gain adjustment you can make that thing sound pretty good.

02-26-05, 12:47 PM
Hmm thats kinda what I thought since I havent seen or heard of anyone doing it.

That sucks, the Sirius with the FM modulation really blows on quality, expecially for a satellite.

I am pretty sure our radios are the same. Well if I figure something out I will post or PM you to let you know. thanks for the info

03-28-05, 01:44 AM
Hey guys, what are you talking about, there are dash kits that allow you to instal single din head unit, along with wiring adaptors, antenna adaptors, etc. Check out ebay. This guy sells stuff for deville, but your stereos are the same, so kit will perfectly work in your rig, GUARANTEED. there is a link. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5752770117&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1

03-28-05, 09:30 PM
There appears to be a way around having to use the modulator. I am looking at the schematics of the delco/bose system for a 97 right now.

Basically you need to send the stereo signal to the Radio Interface Module (RIM) , it has two stereo inputs. 1 is from the head unit, the other is from the cd changer. You could splice/mix the satellite or mp3 player into the output of the cd changer.

Pin 1 - LT Audio, BRN/WHT
Pin 2 - RT Audio, DK GRN/WHT
Pin 3 - Common, BLK/WHT
Pin 4 - Ground Sheild

You may be able to directly connect the output of whatever into these lines, but using some type of mixer/summing amplifier may be adviseable.

If you were to splice into this, then all you would have to do to play on the other device would be to go to the CD player and not actually play a disk.

If you were REALLY ambitious you may be able to hack into the tape player pickup circuit to make another input.

03-28-05, 10:28 PM
Here is a simple mixer to use for the application. I am assuming that the outputs have low impedance and the RIM input has a high impedance. You may also get by without resistors on the common outputs - I would guess that they are referenced to the chassis ground.

The resistor values were grabbed out of the air, you can mix and match as needed.


STS 310
03-30-05, 05:24 PM
check this out, this guy did a hell of a job.