: Motor Oil Choice

02-21-05, 12:15 AM
My 1993 seville STS has 196*** miles on it. For about the last year I have been just using regular oil. I change at exactly 3000 miles and use puralator oil filters. I am really interested in what you think should be ran in my car. Is the price for synthetic really worth the extra cost if I change every 3000? Am I hurting or cheating my engine by not using synthetic? I want it to go far into the future so what should I be running? What do you use in your Northstars?

02-21-05, 12:27 AM
What you are doing is fine. You would be better to follow the oil life monitor for change intervals as 3000 might not be soon enough under some worst case conditions....but you will likely find that 3000 is much sooner than the oil life monitor recommends for your driving schedule.

Synthetic oil is not recommended nor required for the Northstar engine for 1993.

Really, why argue with success..??? If the engine is fine at 196,000 miles why would you change what you have been doing...???

Use the search feature in the forum tool bar and search using "oil" or "synthetic oil" and "oil life monitor" and such and read up. Lot's on this in the archives.