View Full Version : Finding coolant leak...need help

02-20-05, 09:14 PM
I have a '99 Deville that has recently been losing coolant. When I look underneath, the left side under the water pump is wet but the right side is wet from front to rear. Is there a way that I could pinpoint the source? It's hard to rinse it down with water in the cold temps, mabye I could bring it to a car wash and ckeck it before driving away. Also the last time that I filled the resevoir there was some foam with small bubbles in it and muck all over the cap that had never been there before.

02-26-05, 08:58 AM
The bubbles and muck in the reservoir desn't sound good... Your idea of the car wash is good.

02-26-05, 12:18 PM
The "muck" may be the sealant tabs (cooling system suppliment). Where they put in the surge tank instead of the radiator hose? Also, if the "muck" is on the cap, then I would assume the coolant is overflowing which might explain the coolant on the right side. Check the vent pipe that runs from the pump to the surge tank and make sure that entire circuit is clear. One other thought regarding the "foam". Did you use the barsleaks that looks like rabbit turds in oil? I am of the understanding that it will foam. As for the leak, all you can do is clean it up the best you can and search closely or pump the system to pressure with a pressure pump and look for the leak. If all else fails try the dye and black light trick. One other thing to check is the water pump front cover. They are known to leak and the gasket has been redesigned. Remove the intake ducting and run your fingers under the lower edge of the cover to see if they come out wet.