: Front End link and sway bar bushings need help

07-06-13, 06:01 PM
OK so i got a clunk in the front. Cheap fix is that the front sway bar bushings or front end links are shot. Driver side. Stock car. I have new stock parts. Need to know if i can just jack up each side one at a time to replace each item or do i need to have it on ramps? If i have it on ramps is it OK to just have the front on ramps or do i need all four on ramps? Can i have the front on ramps and the back on stands?

Btw i did do a search and only found info on adjustable end link installation? I did find the torque for the end link and bushing bracket. The frame bracket bolts recommended torque is 44 ft/lbs and the end link nuts recommended torque is 37 ft/lbs.

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.

07-06-13, 06:24 PM
When I did my bushings last month I put each side of front on jack stands. I could be wrong but just jacking one end up will put tension on the bar and may make it hard to put the bracket back down over the bar, though I haven't tried it that way. Replacing the bushings fixed my dull thunk noise over bumps at low speeds. My endlinks are tight with no movement in them at 100k. Although my bushings were worn they weren't terrible, no daylight or anything seen through them, but it absolutely fixed the sound and the car feels better at low speeds.

07-06-13, 06:56 PM
So you had the wheels off and placed the stands on under the car?

07-06-13, 09:45 PM
The front sway bushings are a terrible weakness, in my opinion. I've tried many, many energy suspension bushings on stock and hotchkiss sways and within a few hundred miles, I can always see space between the bushing and the sway. I live with the front clunk. Only thing I haven't tried are the hotchkiss reinforced brackets...

07-07-13, 12:16 AM
So you had the wheels off and placed the stands on under the car?

I kept the wheel on but it would be a bit easier to work on with it off. One of the two bolts is annoying with hand tools because there is limited space for a ratchet, i.e. an air tool would come in real handy to speed the process up. Overall it was not hard though.