: Cts v rims or blacked out rims - help me decide

07-06-13, 05:55 PM
First post everyone and thought I would get your feedback on which rims look better. I bought the car (2008 CTS4 with 75,000kms) with the black rims on it however I just picked up the cts v rims and tires today for a good price ($1200) and not sure which looks better.



07-06-13, 08:15 PM
Ok I may be biased, but I much prefer the V wheels. Since my car is the same color, albeit a coupe, I just don't think the blacked out wheels look as good and the V wheels make the Red car Pop.

07-06-13, 10:16 PM
V wheels.

The end.

07-06-13, 11:02 PM
For some reason the V wheels to me make it look like my grandpaps car....... Im usually a big fan of those wheels but the car color and the polished wheels dont do it for me.

07-07-13, 08:11 AM
Thanks for the responses so far guys. With the V rims on they are much louder from a road noise perspective as well as when braking ( a bit confused on the braking part, must be the rim material differences?). I love the width of the tires on the v rims (black rims only have 235/50/18's all way around) and are likely the main differences from an increased road noise perspective.

I have the v rims on it now and will run with them for a bit to get local feedback as well.

I have to admit I'm torn between this decision. The v rims are very "blingy" and do pop on the car however the blacked out ones are very stealth and aggressive looking (which I also like).

Keep the comments coming as I still am not convinced yet...txs.

07-07-13, 08:21 AM
The black would look a lot better with a machine edge and highlights.
As is they look to industrial like something you'd see on a Taxi. Search for a better design IMO.

jimmie jam
07-07-13, 11:59 AM
I happen to like the dark wheels. No one has a look like my Coco w/gold metalflake rims. I won't often ask for an opinion on this stuff. Some will love and most will hate. Do what ever makes YOU happy.

07-07-13, 01:39 PM
Black out wheels and black out the rest of the chrome on the car.
Sweet ride. Congrats

07-07-13, 05:06 PM
I like the V rims just because they are OEM and will likely keep them and sell the blacked out ones. If I get sellers remorse I will plastidip the v rims black and put a matching red strip on the rim edge. If I get the itch to go back I can strip them and go back to original.

I like the idea of going all black and red too shmiddy...maybe do this when I dip the v rims.

07-09-13, 04:33 AM
the V wheels make the car stand out more. blacked out looks like you rolling with spare tires lmao