: Hey guys! New to this forum

07-05-13, 08:54 PM
Quick question for some of u who might have knowledge I just picked up a 2013 cadillac cts 4 premium and I want to make it sound more aggressive any ideas to what I should consider purchasing ? Thanks!

07-05-13, 10:38 PM
:welcome: Post your question in the CTS forum. You'll get tons of advice in short order. :)

07-05-13, 10:48 PM
Yeah, a lot of guys that like loud cars there.

07-06-13, 09:45 AM

C "T" ess
07-06-13, 11:48 AM
The easiest thing is just to have your mufflers replaced. It's the cheapest way to put out more sound/rumble.

07-06-13, 11:57 AM
I just saw these: http://www.vroombox.com/ Haha...

07-06-13, 06:16 PM
Thanks guys haha I really don't know how to use this app very well, I purchased a corsa I hope it does the trick!!