: Wheel Flares wanted. Who has them???

07-05-13, 08:28 PM
I was looking for a modest 1" or so addition for the front and rear wheel wells of my V Coupe. I saw one company's wheel flare package that came with side skirts and valences as well which looked bad ass but thought that was just too much for my taste.

Could you guys direct me to a manufacturer that makes @ 1" flares that don't require side skirts?

thanks for the help.

07-05-13, 10:08 PM
Every company that I'm aware of (D3, Canepa) prices the wide-body look so astronomically that you might as well find a "local" shop to do it manually. It's tough because to do it right there's extensive labor involved as well as modifying & painting almost every piece of tin on the car except for the hood.

So if you ever wanted to change the color, doing a wide-body would be a great time to work it in. :D

07-05-13, 11:45 PM
I was a Bridgestone show car with the full Canepa kit on and must say it looked great. Unfortunately for Wisconsin driving, I don't think it would last long, that's why I was looking for something similar but not quite as wide and no side skirts. check out the picture attached

07-06-13, 10:08 AM
Picture ???

07-06-13, 10:46 AM
You will almost certainly have to go custom for such a thing. In being on this forum for six years, I've never seen a widebody kit other than made by D3 and Canepa. They are both hideously expensive kits, but as stated above it takes a LOT of work to make even the 1" flare you suggest look right, and their high kit costs reflect that.

I strongly recommend you don't do this on that ground alone, unless you are planning to use the car as a show car and want to spend gobs of money on this.

I'm quite sure it'll look good should you go through it, though!