: Caddy Buyers vs Caddy Accessory Retailers

02-20-05, 10:25 AM
Okay, a toned down version of my prior post.

Basically to sum things up....I get the impression that Caddy Accessory Retailers think that because we're outfitting a Cadillac, that we actually have no problem with paying $1,000.00 for a wiperblade. In lieu of that, Edozone, Spoilers.com, US Speed and Automotive Upgrades have all priced their items to the point where you need a loan to purchase them...a huge markup over everything.

Someone suggested it in my last post....perhaps they should give we in the CadillacForums.com some kind of incentive..maybe a 15% additional code or something...heck, they'd profit anyways and i'd be far more inclined to buy...as it stands, i'm getting my Grille at GMPartsDirect.com, where not only is it far cheaper, but it's GM Quality....a no brainer in my book...i'd rather spend the $210.00 after shipping for my CTS-V Mesh Grille, then go to US Speed and get practically the same Grille (if not the same!) and the ugly (IMO) bottom portion of the grille for $400.00 more! :eek:

Thoughts and opinions...and possibly something we can do?

02-20-05, 03:59 PM
I think that was me that suggested that. I would go for that, for sure. I have been thinking alot of what you said and it makes sense.

The other thing that I think about when looking for parts is that GM vehicles rarely have parts (other then sheet metal) specifically for that vehicle. For example, Impala 16" steel rims will fit on a CTS (for snow tire purposes - of course) at a much lower cost then an alloy rim. However, I challenge anyone to locate a steel rim listed for the CTS. This of course increases the cost. One has to be a bit creative.

My point? I have none, just sharing :D