: 472 Carb options..

07-05-13, 10:11 AM
Hi all.

I apologize for the very basic question..

Will all 472 carbs fit regardless of the year? If not, is there a range?

For example, 68-69's will interchange or 68-7x??

I am noticing differences in pricing between the years..which leads me to think there is no interchange.

Thanks all.


07-06-13, 10:36 AM
There were most likely small changes from 1978 - 79, but with the change in emphasis starting in 1970 on, there were most likely several, as emission control and fuel mileage levels were affected by government mandates. The compression was dropped and the jetting most likely changed. A comparison of the base plates will also reveal differences in the vacuum porting per different applications. Then they started using EGR porting through the manifold. Doug Roe's book on the various carb engineering practices will define this. Cadillac FSM will show the make up of each year. Some rebuild kits are made to cover several years. I save the instructions diagrams to aid in any rebuilds. Motors manuals will also reveal some of the changes year to year. Your engine will run best with the carb engineered for it's application. Of course the fuel has changed and some people advise jet changes to compensate for this. I do not think this is a factor for this engine due to the nature of the beast. It is not a high revving engine.