: Why, Why, Why?

91 Eldo TC
02-19-05, 01:33 PM
I have a 91 Eldorado that has parts more expensive than newer models.Not only cause it's a 91 but just because it has a Cadillac name.
Why am I paying three times as much for parts that can be used from buick or oldsmobile, but get charged a Cadillac price?
Why do I go to the dealer for repairs when they can't fix the problem and charge me for it anyways... then expect me to pay for a guessing game of what the problem is?
Why are these cars impossible to fix?
Why does Cadillac make parts exclusively for the car,why can't they share interchangable parts?
Why aren't there enough parts, considering the amount of repairs these cars need?
Why can't people mod the 4.9 someone from Cadillac can surely figure something out?
Can someone send Cadillac dealers back to school so we all can get our problems fixed?
There are more questions on this board about older cars but still years later no fixes, even though most of them are common problems.
When will Cadillac start making cars that normal mechanics can work on, Toyota does.
Why can't people actually talk to Cadillac about problems because we all know when the dealer tells you to fk off that's all you really can do.
My father raised me GM now he only buys Fords, I buy Chrysler...I know but at least they have a promising future. I plan on buying non U S cars with my next car purchase. I love the idea of buying made in the usa but when it comes to cars I want my moneys worth not problems. Maybe the idea of building cars that break down sooner than what they used too, just to have more sales.. backfired on u s cars.