: Bose Cassette/CD '97 Seville question

02-19-05, 10:23 AM
can anyone tell me if this will work in my non Bose '97 STS W/factory CD changer?


02-19-05, 06:25 PM
The answer is maybe. The physical dimensions are the same so you can install it but the wiring plug on the back of the unit(s) are most likely not compatible. This question has come up several times but nobody seems to have an answer, including me. I plan on taking my '97 to a custom installer and see if they can tell me something which I will pass along.

02-21-05, 03:25 AM
In a Boise system, doesn't each speaker have its own amplifier? A circuit board on each speaker?

I think this is how Boise are built. If so, your non-Boise will not have any of the correct speaker/amp.