: Newbi 84 Deville

02-19-05, 10:00 AM
Love this site! Just got a 84 deville 4 door, with the 4.1 (seems to be lucky) still runs great @ 178k. been in the family since it was 1/2" year old so I do know the histroy. I am a Caddy juckie now :) Am looking for some parts, bumper extensions both front and back. Need to get headliner replaced. Seems its worth having it done! Also would like to find oil and temp gage that would look somewhat factory! Any Ideas? Heat is not as hot as should be. Do have some ideas from here to check. NIce day today will try to take some pics later today.
Thanks all

02-19-05, 10:05 AM

02-19-05, 02:53 PM
Welcome aboard newbie!!

The bumper extension are pretty easy to find, they make them in rubber and ABS plastic so pick whatever suits you best.

I'm so shocked to hear your headliner is sagging! I think that happened to every single car GM made in the 80's. If you don't have a sunroof it's a pretty straight forward job, shouldn't cost too much, in fact you could probably do it yourself.

Weak heat is probably a clogged up heater core. With 178,000 miles there's no doubt you have a lot of that cooling system sealant in there, I've heard of it sometimes clogging heater cores. Try flushing it out, you'll probably get a lot of crap out of it.

Let's see some pics!

02-19-05, 04:27 PM
Thanks. You know a good site for buying the bumper extensions and other things?

Yeah got a 82 trans am with a fallen headliner

I am going to flush out the heater core
Took some pics but have no idea hoe to post them on my user info

02-20-05, 03:47 PM
I couldn't recommend a specific site, I ordered mine awhile back and forgot where I got them from. I would just use a search engine and go with who has the best prices.