: Work for Coupe deVille - Any Suggestions?

02-18-05, 07:21 PM
I'm going to try and get the '81 running well enough tomorrow to take for a little drive. Before I start working on it, I wanted to say what I was going to do and see if anyone had suggestions for other things I may want to do while I'm under it.

Keep in mind that I'd like to stick to relatively easy things until it warms up around here a tad... I know an engine rebuild and new transmission would be best, but I'm not pulling an engine or tranny in the cold (especially without enough money or the proper tools).

Drain and refill transmission
Replace transmission pan gasket
Check all transmission hoses and lines
Drain and refill differential
Change oil
Replace spark plugs and wires
Drain, flush, and refill radiator
Replace radiator hoses
Since the car's recent history could affect your suggestions, here it is:

The car hasn't been driven in almost one year. I took it out once when I first bought it, and it made it almost all the way across town before the tranny lost so much fluid it wasn't driveable. I have been changing the oil once about every three or four months, and even before I got the new alternator I'd jump it off and let it run for a minute or two once or twice a week. I've been starting it and letting it run for five to ten minutes once or twice a day now that the charging system's fixed. The tires have been rotated with every oil change for good measure.

I wanted to put it up on blocks, but our neighborhood went through a phase where lots of people were out of town and middle school kids were breaking into houses and having parties... happened to mine, and I haven't wanted to take the risk of putting it on blocks only to have some drunk 14 year old knock it off and do irreprable damage.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

- Joe

lux hauler
02-18-05, 07:51 PM
If the trans is that bad, why would you want to drive it and risk more damage?

My suggestion would be to take the money that you were going to put into it for this little pleasure drive, put it away, save a little more and get it fixed.......properly.

02-18-05, 08:49 PM
I don't know if the whole trans is bad. From what I can tell, the leak is only coming from the pan around the gasket. If I replace the gasket and filter and it still leaks, I'm not driving it. If it doesn't leak, I'll take it around the big circle not far from my house a couple times, and if it still doesn't act up, I do want to take it for a little drive: to listen for odd noises, let it run for a while and, of course, drive my car.

But you're right. The last thing I want is to risk doing even more damage to the engine by running it with a bad trans. If anything makes me think the car isn't mechanically sound to drive, it goes back in the carport until I get a whole new tranny.

- Joe

02-19-05, 10:16 PM
It works. I'm tired and filthy, but it runs well.

The biggest problem I has was visibility because I couldn't find the Windex.

Pictures soon.

- Joe

02-20-05, 08:40 AM
hello good for you if it works fine. Was the cooling liquid very dirty, if so i would recommend that you also flush the cabin heater system backways to prevent future problem with cabin heat or engine cooling problem / jolle

02-20-05, 09:09 AM
Actually, the coolant wasn't all that bad, but I probably will flush the heating system now that you bring it up. I hadn't thought of that, and the guy who owned the car before me took such bad care of it that it couldn't hurt too bad to do it. Thanks for the suggestion

- Joe