: New Model Escalade Design Suggestions....

02-18-05, 03:45 PM
I am posting this thread so that all current Escalade owners and everyone can post suggestions for the new model Escalade....

02-18-05, 03:52 PM
IMHO the top priority for the new model Escalade should be the interior. I mean redisgn the interior and upgrade the quality of the materials used in the interior construction. One SUV with very good interior design (dashboard and center console) is the new Lincoln Navigator....

Another place to pay attention is the drivetrain....
A 5speed auto wont be bad at all...... and more Horsepower and torque to keep the supremacy of power will be great.

IMHO the exterior doesnt need redesign at all.

Just my $.02

Mejia ;)

P.D Dont forget the Escalade-V!!!!! :D

02-18-05, 04:24 PM
If I Were with cadillac:

Exterior is ok - clear headlights


More Wood
Heads up display
backup camera
Color choices in interior
Stainless guages

I would like it have that limo feel , when riding or driving.

02-19-05, 08:02 AM
- A better/meaner exterior won't be bad.
- LED tallights and projector headlights.

- As you guys already said, plus..
- Seats, backsupport should be enhanced with 4-way instead of 2-way (like the new STS).
- Enhanced sound system (better subwoofer, mp3, dvd-video with 5.1 surround sound, tv) - I think this is obvious since it's already in the STS.
- Rear backup camera.

And, front sensors would be good for a truck at this size.

I think it's really hard to find suggestions as the truck is almost perfect already.

02-19-05, 02:52 PM
This was posted by CadiLake over at the Escalade Forum:

Include all the top features of all models:
Bose® Studio Surround™
Magnetic Ride Control™/ Road-Sensing Suspension
Adaptive Cruise Control
Remote Start & Keyless Access & Push Button Start
Heated Steering Wheel
Rainsense automatic wipers with moisture detection
Heated/Cooled Seats
8-way power seats
BVLGARI Instrument Cluster
UltraView Sunroof
Cargo Management System

02-19-05, 05:01 PM
It should come stock with a platinum type chrome grill, and making 20" rims a very common option would help. Power fold 2nd and 3rd row seats, DVD player should be changed from a flip down to optional headrest screens like in the new Jaguar. A richer wood grain similar to what bently wood looks like. Automatic start of course, dual exhaust tips straight out the rear like the SRX. Maybe nightvision, power running boards, and air leveling in the front as well as the rear. Of course by adding all this stuff we are gonna be looking at a $60+ regular body lade, and possibly a V12 Platinum lade around 100k.:bonkers:

Spittin Game
02-20-05, 02:30 AM
-"Fresh" Design for the interior
-Black leather as an option besides just gray and shale
-Automatic windows for all windows not just the driver side
-Automatic Sunroof for open AND close
-Power open/close rear door (trunk)

-Keep the bigger stlye front headlights
-Projector Beam HID's
-Better looking Grille
-Clear turn signals
-LED taillights

-Wipers on sensors
-Sensors in front bumper like the backup sensors
-Adjustable ride height

02-21-05, 10:44 AM
Ext model- have power truck and side panels
- put front sensor for the front
- make the truck not leak in the ext
- make the the truck in the usa or canada not mexico
- ride height when exiting the truck
- mirrors go in when armed remote
- power window for the rear drop out window
- make the bed not leak water into it
- projector HID
- change int but keep ext close to the same.

02-21-05, 11:07 AM
-"Fresh" Design for the interior
-Black leather as an option besides just gray and shale
-Automatic windows for all windows not just the driver side
-Automatic Sunroof for open AND close
-Power open/close rear door (trunk)

-Keep the bigger stlye front headlights
-Projector Beam HID's
-Better looking Grille
-Clear turn signals
-LED taillights

-Wipers on sensors
-Sensors in front bumper like the backup sensors
-Adjustable ride height

Yes indeed. Adjustable ride height and front sensors are a must!!!


Spittin Game
02-23-05, 02:58 AM
Got another to add to the list. I like this feature on Lexus':
-When you hold the "unlock" button on the remote, the windows should go down for those hot days to let the built up hot air out

02-24-05, 11:52 AM
The EXT needs to have same color plastic or chrome body trim at the horizonal upper edge of the lower door panels to protect against damage from other doors being opened into them. This happen all the time as that is the most exposed place on the side of the EXT

02-24-05, 11:28 PM
Standard 24" spinners, they all are blue or white, so make that the 2 colors, make the badges even bigger than they are now, maybe as big as the door. Might as well take out the Caddy eggcrate grill, since people just add a billet or the vertical one. Add stickers on the front fenders that say 24" and maybe make a Brian "Baby" Williams Cash Money edition....

Marc Kessler
02-25-05, 11:51 AM
Make sure the redesign has the same front legroom and headroom as my 2000.

03-09-05, 11:43 PM
I still love my 02 escalade but my brother just bought the new navigator and
his interior is now superior to my ride. Step on on LUXURY!!! I'm talking seats that coaul put you to sleep like the old 76-78 eldorados. Lots of cushion. Standard features should include flip down tv monitor for front and rear. Rear monitors in the headrests. Easy place to plug in headphones and individual volume controls. Pop up navigaton GPS mapping. Pop up tray for laptops like the airline food trays that fold down into the armrest. MP3 adapter to play ipod or similar thru stereo system. The escalade was the bomb when first introduced but now is average at best compared to the competition. I'll give gm my first look when I'm due to replace mine with the new model soon but if the new model doesn't really WOW me I might have to look elsewhere. And I am a life long devoted GM fan. Please don't underbuild this new car and don't think you can rely on your reputation alone!!!!!! LUXURY, LUXURY, LUXURY !!!


David Sorg
03-27-05, 11:33 AM
As the recent owner of a new EXT, I'm very pleased with the vehicle as far as first impressions. Its exterior appearance, driving qualities, and quietness are wonderful. In terms of luxury, it scores highly with a few exceptions: the interior is just a bit too "plastic-y", especially around the dash and door panel switches and plates. I will personally add a few of the aftermarket wood pieces to cover some of it, but having some of the other switches and knobs chromed or aluminized would set the interior further apart from GM's other divisions as well as competitors.

The other luxury disappointment is the carpeting, which is about as poor as anything I've ever seen in a vehicle at any price point. I'd expect it in an entry level car, but it doesn't compare with even mid-level cars and SUV's from Europe and Japan.

There are several small convenience features that I believe are surprisingly/sadly missing at this level: a locking fuel door on most models of Cadillacs, the lack of an electric locking tailgate (in the EXT) wired to the doors, and the EXT's single cargo light for 2005.

I'm in agreement with an earlier posting that all of these kind of things should be part of a base price, even if it means increasing that price.

Although I personally don't feel that front parking sensors are needed, the included rear ones are not very good compared to my wife's entry level Jaguar (all Fords perhaps?). Instead of the "mushy" or non-specific chime sound, it uses a distinctive beeping that increases in speed as you get closer to something, just like sonar. It is so accurate that after a few experiences you know exactly where you are within an inch or two. The Cadillac three chimes and three lights are very vague. The lights are totally unnecessary for all but the deaf. This is one small feature, of course, among hundreds or thousands made by designers, but the Cadillac's is much less useful, and probably costs the company the same as an efficient version.

I believe that you should continue to keep navigation systems, and especially entertainment systems separately offered. They are valueless to many, and an actual detriment to a few like me. (Of course I did love the heated/cooled cupholders of the Platinum Edition; wish I could buy 'em as an option!)