View Full Version : Misfire hell PLS help!

02-18-05, 01:52 PM
Hey fellow Cat lovers,

Here's the short of a long story: A month ago had a constant misfire on 4, checked for spark, there was none so I replaced my coil pack. My 1997 cat runs better than ever for 3 days and then the trouble comes back. Idles rough, rpms fluctuate and sometimes loses power when I step on the accelerator. Sometimes it accelerates fine but always idles rough (for the past 3 weeks). Spark plugs are fine, wires are fine, coil is fine but just did a new scan test and it says there is a random misfire on number 1 and 4 cylinders. Injectors are fine too by the way. I have a new battery, alternator is fine, no water in the fuel line, no oil leaks and no white film within the crankcase but the damn car is running like sh!t. I do have a loud whistling noise coming from the engine however - could it be a large vacuum leak? Perhaps I need a new ECM module. Please help me!


02-18-05, 03:42 PM
i know how you feel i am going through the sae thing with my 97 right now.i had the engine light checked and said misfire cylinder 5 i changed all the plugs and its still doing it.I hate to spend the money on wires just to find that it needs a new coil or something else

02-19-05, 06:58 PM
i think there needs to be a shop in every state that just handles catera's and GM should pay for it since its their fault the car is a complete bucket. it should be named the Cadillac Caterrible.I only paid 1700 for the car,700+ for the used tranny and installation,battery,plugs but i am not giving up yet I am hoping for the best.Although i wish i would have just bought another 91-94 sentra se-r at least i knew the car inside and out and could do anything on it myself.I regret selling my race/show sentra.

02-19-05, 09:37 PM
I'm with you man, I've poured thousands of dollars on my cat. Parts from Holden in Australia and now she has really let me down. My dad and I checked over some "things" under the hood today. After warming her up for 15 minutes, I checked the crankcase and the infamous white frothy mixture reared its ugly head. And I have been losing coolant lately. I can do the math. I can almost guarantee that my misfires on 1 and 4 means my plugs have some residue as well. I'm going to take a sample of my coolant to a rad place and have them check for hyrdrocarbons, if present then my gasket is done. In the meantime I'll pour some stop leak in the coolant and see if it helps...for now.

Damn, she really let me down...