: Parts for my '92 Brougham d'Elegance

07-03-13, 12:45 AM
NEED SOME PARTS for my '92 Brougham d'Elegance...

1) Upper pan on the front bumper (mounted horizontally behind the license plate).

2) Gold Heritage of Ownership medallion "IX". Must be NOS.

3) Tail light lens with gold emblem (must be NOS).

4) Front door speaker grills (color: Antelope).

5) Set of 4 wire hubcap centercaps with gold emblem (must be NOS).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Parts will be shipped to 92081

I have PayPal.


04-30-14, 01:25 AM

I have found all the parts I need with the exception of the ones listed below. Can anyone help?

1: Front bumper pan

2: Front door speaker grilles.

3: A single NOS tail light lens (w/GOLD emblem) or will take detached NOS emblems.